School Nutrition Programs

New Horizon Foods provides quality nutrition programs for K-12 schools.  We create diverse nutritious menus that appeal to elementary, middle school, and high school students.  School food programs are all about community and our staff is committed to creating a fun and friendly environment for your students.  

We understand budgets and work with your district and administrators to provide a program that fits your needs and financial parameters.  Our staff control costs by reducing food waste, participating in recycling programs, and energy conservation of kitchen equipment.  

We adapt our programs to fit the needs of the community in which we serve.  Rural students may appreciate local farm-to-table offerings, while urban schools with more ethnically diverse populations appreciate international menus. We empower our staff to make decisions that provide a student-centered dining experience.  

Sensible solutions include nutrition on the go; gluten-free and vegetarian expertise; Registered Dietitian services; and nutrition awareness programs. 

Our custom-tailored programs are based on your needs. We deliver what we promise. Our reputation is indeed "BUILT ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION."